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City Of Killeen Electric Company – Prepaid Electricity – Prepaid Lights – Pay as You Go Electric

City Of Killeen Electric Company

Looking for the Best Prepaid Electricity Providers in Killeen TX — We have searched up and down for the best business and this is the company to call down hands. Real simple to establish and begin. Give Pronto Power a call Now!

When You Find the Low Rates at Pronto Power, That’s Just What You Get in Killeen Texas!
Pronto Power has been founded to address this problem in the market. So today, we deliver you the lowest electrical rates in Texas, with no hidden fees, gimmicks, or hassles.
It’s our wish to serve customers who have tight finances. Senior citizens, immigrants, school students, and any other honest, hard-working Texan who struggles financially.

You get no-deposit electricity that doesn’t need any credit rating, so any credit rating is fine in any respect. You do not pay an expensive deposit merely to get the service you need to anyway. It is not a charge.
You don’t sign a contract. So, you don’t ever have to feel trapped in a relationship which only benefits the company.

We’re a prepaid (non invasive) electrical firm. You prepay as much as you want. Next, each morning at 7 AM, then you receive a text or email (or both) reminding you of your electrical usage and account balance. Your account requires just one penny in it to keep your electrical on.
Call our friendly customer support team who is happy to help you. You can defer payment until you receive your next paycheck (and you won’t accumulate any penalties in the meantime). You can even get deferred payment programs that let you pay back what’s manageable.

Pronto Power Is Here To Help You

Our support is so simple you can get connected within an hour, if your home has a intelligent meter. It’s electrical service the way it is supposed to be — focused on you, the customer.
Headquartered in Houston, we serve energy to all deregulated regions in Texas. We can’t wait to have you sign up. And because you don’t sign a contract, then you have zero risk.